Search Engine Optimization

Can You Get Me to the Top of Search Engines?

It’s a question we’re asked constantly. The answer is always “Yes.” But there are two kinds of “Yes.”

Yes, you can appear at or near the top of keyword searches through paid search engine placement. We can create, optimize and manage a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign based on a budget appropriate to your business and competitive environment.

And yes, you can improve your results in organic (non-paid) search results as well. We can research, plan and execute a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign to optimize your website and social media content to ensure your online content performs well. We have been involved in search optimization almost since the web was invented — and years before Google came on the scene. We follow industry best practices combined with our own creativity and experience to get you the best results. The work we do is not only designed to improve your rank, but to improve your brand presentation and customer experience.

However, SEO is a dynamic environment that changes daily. It’s part art and part science. While many of the principles are established and well understood, hundreds of factors combine to determine search results and these factors change constantly. Furthermore, search engine algorithms are a closely guarded secret.

Every business is unique, and every website lives in a slightly different environment. There are no one-size-fits all approaches to Search Engine Optimization. Some companies targeting a local market have relatively few competitors searching for their services. If you’re a local blacksmith, there may be relatively few others offering farrier and horseshoeing services in your region. If you’re a local real estate agent, you may have thousands of local competitors vying for the very same keywords on search.

An effective SEO campaign, especially in a competitive local environment, demands careful research and planning, effective use of the best tools, skilled website optimization, professional content development, and skilled marketing. In addition, it requires investment and client engagement.

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