This Humble Web Tool Can Save Time and Boost Your Bottom Line

Making the Most of Web Forms

Did you know that your website already has a built-in tool that can save hours every week by improving the efficiency of your business?

Did you know it can also make life easier and more convenient for your customers?

Did you know it can even directly boost your revenue?

That tool is your humble contact form. If you’re using it simply to send e-mail, you’re missing out on a variety of ways it can boost your business.  Web forms can save you time by providing online scheduling, qualifying prospects, screening job applications, integrating with your CRM and much, much more.

Here are a few examples and illustrations:

Quickly Screen Job Applicants

Tired of wading through a flood of job applications and resumes every time you have an opening? By setting up a custom online application form, you can pre-screen job applicants by requiring the information you need to make your decisions quickly.

Gravity Forms (the web form system we use at Brick City) enables you to create an application that is as simple or as detailed as your needs require.  You can setup automated replies, allow applicants to attach a resume, even begin your interview process by asking a few preliminary questions.

Example: Check out this job application form at Accurate Biomed Services in Ocala.

Qualify Your Prospects

Tire Kickers are frustration in any business. But you can use online forms to help you quickly determine who’s serious and who’s simply window shopping. A real estate office can save time, for instance, by inviting online prospects to complete a questionnaire that differentiates between customers ready to buy now and those who are planning for a move in years to come. You can also get more specific information about the type of property they desire, their budget, pre-qualification status and more.

Example: Here’s an example of a multi-page “needs analysis” form we’ve used to help prospective web clients clarify their objectives and give us a better understanding of how we can serve them:

Schedule Appointments Online

You can save time for you and your customers by allowing online appointment scheduling. Online scheduling systems can be simple or relatively complex depending on your needs. But adding this feature to your website adds convenience to your customers, who can save time by requesting an appointment online, anytime. And it saves your office time by getting the request quickly and efficiently.

Example: Here’s an example of a very simple scheduling form for a veterinary clinic in Ocala. The form generates a simple notification to office staff who can confirm the appointment by phone or email. More sophisticated scheduling systems can automatically integrate with your existing calendar so that confirmation is automatic.

Accept Online Payments

Your simple contact form can be transformed to accept online payments for services, events, digital downloads, products and more. If you’re a church or non-profit organization, you can use web forms to easily enable online event registration, payments and even recurring donations.

Example: Here’s a web form for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marion County that gives donors the opportunity to sponsor a child, give a one-time gift, or setup a recurring donation:

Generate Leads & Survey Your Customers

Understanding your customer needs is essential to growing your business. With Gravity Forms, you can create online surveys that give you insight into your customers and prospects. You can even turn the survey into a lead-generation tool by offering a small prize for one of the applicants.

Example: Here’s a brief survey that offered website visitors the chance to win an Amazon  Echo. This form was also integrated with Mail Chimp to give respondents the opportunity to sign up for an email newsletter.

Interested in how a custom web form can make your business more efficient, bring more customers and boost your bottom line? Give us a call at (352) 629-1663 or visit our humble, online contact form to email us!

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